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What is EnrichHER?

EnrichHER unites founders and funders who share a common vision for sustainable women-led ventures. Our EnrichHER Funding platform provides debt-based funding to women entrepreneurs. The EnrichHER Funding portal is set up to leverage additional sources of capital beyond banks and accredited investors by handling funding sources from accredited and non-accredited sources.

How does EnrichHER Funding work?

What is a women-led business?

Is EnrichHER Funding registered?

What is Regulation Crowdfunding?

Who can invest in businesses listed on EnrichHER Funding?

Do I have to be an accredited investor to invest on EnrichHER Funding?

Will investors receive any equity interests or any voting or management rights?

If I don’t get equity, how is this an investment?

Who can raise capital through an offering on EnrichHER Funding?

Does EnrichHER Funding accept any business that applies to list an offering?

How are the terms of an offering determined by EnrichHER Funding?

Why can only U.S. businesses raise capital on EnrichHER?

How much money can my business raise on EnrichHER?

Will my business be charged any fees in connection with the payment process?

What is a revenue sharing note?

What makes a revenue sharing note unique?

How is a revenue sharing note different from a traditional term note?

Why should investors consider investing through revenue sharing notes on EnrichHER?

What can investors expect to receive when they invest through revenue sharing notes on EnrichHER?

Where is my money held?

Are there any restrictions on my ability to transfer my investment?

What happens in the case of default by a company?

What is a Form C?

What happens if the campaign doesn’t reach its goal?

What happens if the business misses a payment?

What happens if the business pays off its loan early?

To what extent does EnrichHER Funding assess each business that applies as a borrower?

Can I cancel my investment?

What is the minimum investment?

Do I need to set up an account on EnrichHER Funding?

If the business is funded and I'm a Funder, how do I get paid back?

How do I invest?

What updates should I expect after investing?

What is EnrichHER Funding's Compensation Structure?


What is Katipult?

Katipult is an online real estate marketplace that connects the capital of our members to reputable real estate developers. Our goal is to simplify the real estate investment process and provide a professionally diversified portfolio of quality, pre-screened, private real estate investments to our members who generally have had very limited access to such investments in the past.

What kind of fees do investors have to pay?

What types of projects are available to invest in on Katipult?

How does a project get listed on Katipult?

What is crowdfunding and why haven't I heard about this before?

Why should I consider real estate crowdfunding through Katipult?

What will I actually own?

When will I get my investment back?

Are these investments risky?

How are the returns estimated for each project?

Is there an investment minimum and maximum?


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