Journey Foods

Rianna Lynn
Chicago, IL, United States

Question and Answer

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What's your target market?

Our initial roll out is into the business-to-consumer market with the launch of our Journey Bites product.  This first product is a snack product targeting health conscious & active millenials and is already working to create brand awareness and generate revenue.  The bigger, long-term market we are targeting is the wholesale ingredient market as large food companies are constantly looking for healthier, plant-based alternatives to ingredients such as gelatin.   

While the global global fruit snacks and fruit candy market is quite large at $109 billion, in the long-run we are targetting the even larger wholesale market.  Our goal is to have 70% of our revenue come from whole products that serve as a key healthy & plant-based ingredient in the food chain.   In the near-term, however, the business-to-consumer market is critical as it allows us to build our brand and provides revenue to fund the research and development of our wholesale products.

Can you tell us more about your founding team?

We are a team of scientists, innovators, chefs, and explorers working together to bring better on-the-go nutrition to everyone.  Across the team we not only have experience as a biologist and a serial entrepreneur, but also a decade plus experience working for big food giants like Wrigley & Mars.

What is your competitive differentiation?

Our patent pending JourneyMORE and nutriAMP technologies lock-in the texture, color, and taste of fresh plants while amplifying nutrients. They utilize proprietary plant-based gelatin, micro-climate processing, and AI-driven product development.   The JourneyAI platform uses artificial intelligence-machine learning systems to create a matrix of trending flavors, ingredient pairings and bioactive compound discoveries to develop and track the most promising products for consumers and businesses.